Try using our FAQ before contacting us. Chances are your question will be answered right here:

How do I register someone under 18?

Below are steps to register someone else below 18 (i.e. a minor): Any minor must be accompanied by a guardian, legal tutor or parent to the event.
Complete the minor participant’s information on Eventbrite registration form and other fields too. Click continue. At the race, the Waiver must be signed by the guardian, legal tutor or parent.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Sadly no, you cannot transfer your ticket. Please make sure to check the date and time of event before purchasing the ticket.

What is included in my Registration?

Admission to Bubble Rainbow Run Free entry to Bubble Fest Race t-shirt Race bib number with safety pins This does not include any purchased merchandise, it be purchased at the race.

Where can I get merchandise?

All merchandise outside of your race packet can be purchased quickly and easily at the Merchandise Tent on race day. 🙂

If my child is under 5, do they still need to be registered?

Great question! Keiki bubblers 5 and under, are free and do not need to be registered. Please keep in mind that since your child is not a paid registrant, they will not receive a race packet. But we'll have merchandising for them on our Merchandising Tent!!

What about jogging strollers and wagons?

Bring them all! Just no bicycles, scooters, or anything like that. The foam is completely safe for the keiki bubblers too! Please note that the race will be placed at a Golf Course that has hills, up and downs, DO NOT stop or let go of the handle of the wagon or stroller while in the bubbles. Stopping or sitting in the bogs can create a dangerous situation to your little companions and anyone else that may not see them in the bubbles. 🙂 Also, the colored foam may stain the material on the stroller.

What should I bring to the race?

We suggest a high dose of aloha vibes! But also recommend bringing sunglasses, a towel, and perhaps a change of shoes. Typically you won’t get too wet, but the longer you play in the bubbles, the more wet you’ll get. If you’re bringing kids with you, consider bringing some little swim goggles for them since the bubbles will probably be taller than they are. As well as a bandana so your little bubble bandit doesn’t taste soap all morning. Also consider purchasing one of our super neat Bubble Rainbow Run™ hemp tote bags to carry your items in style! We will have some lockers available for the first runners to arrive but if you are a late runner, please plan to bring only what you can carry with you onto the course.

Can I run with my dog?

We love dogs but Bubble Rainbow Run™ is animal free! Sorry 🙁

What is your refund policy?

We are a no refunds event! Therefore, please triple-check your calendar prior to signing up! If you absolutely cannot attend anymore, at least come to Packet Pickup on Early Registrations days, to snatch your swag and say aloha. We’d love to meet you! Adverse weather: As stated in the waiver there are no refunds due to adverse weather. In the event that weather or other unforeseeable conditions are deemed by the event organizers and/or City Officials to be potentially hazardous to participants, bubble runners and staff, the organizers reserve the right to postpone the start time or cancel the event outright. Cancellation of the event may take place either prior to the start of the event or at any time while the event is taking place. There will be no refunds or deferrals for weather cancellation. Dates and Locations are subject to change at any time.

Is there an extra fee for the Bubble Fest?

If you are a paid runner, then no, you have free entry. If you want to attend just the Fest. We will have tickets at the door at $25.00. Kids 5 and under, have free entry to both. Keiki corner and Bubble soccer may have extra fees.

What time starts the race?

Where do I put the INSTITUTIONAL CODE?

The Institutional code space to fill is located at the CHECK OUT - Registration form. INSTITUTIONAL CODE is not a PROMOTIONAL CODE, by that this code is not a discount. Also, this is not obligatory for all attendees, this codes are officially given to Institutions that have partnered with us.